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Sole Searching

I used to be a shoe collector. Once upon a time, I got a pair of golden round-toe pump, a super high peep-toe pump in neon and a grey platform that was almost impossible to walk on in my possession =) 
But motherhood has changed me. I got too complacent wearing flats during my pregnancy that I decided to stay with the style throughout life after pregnancy.
But I still need the heels for the office and special events. However, post pregnancy, I found that I can’t really wear heels anymore...sob..sob. The most I could go with super high heels nowadays were 3 to 4 steps before my leg and back start to ache.
My 'disability' to walk in high heels had made me ‘closer’ to comfort shoes like Clarks, Snowfly and Scholl. They are all great, but my 2 major dilemma with these comfort shoes are:

(1) DESIGN It is really hard to find the right design. I mean, they are undoubtedly comfortable, however it was hard to find one that gives us the right combo of 'comfortness and attractiveness'…