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Dress to Impress

I'm always interested in what other people is wearing to the fact that I could easily tell if the outfit is new. New clothes look more crisp and there is a certain glow on the person who wears it that made me just know that the outfit is new.

A gift perhaps? I don't know =) But that is definitely a winning ice-breaker. A simple and sincere acknowledgement on what the person is wearing, such as "That dress looks good on you, where do you get it?" or, "Is it new? The color really suits you," will always make that person blushed a little, and more often or not you will get the standard reply, "Tak adalah, murah je baju/kasut/handbag ni'". But their expressions could't lie. Just look at the brimming face, half smile - a sign that they are pleased that their good taste is being acknowledged and appreciated. You can be sure that you are definitely in their good books now.

Spending half of the day at work, I could not help but to analyze what peo…