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Saving on Your Grocery Bill

I love grocery shopping. I can spend hours in the hypermarkets, browsing through the racks of food stuff, home appliances, colourful fresh produce, with so many brands to choose from, we are spoilt with choice, doesn't we?
But I dread check-out counters, hahaha. First, because of the long queue that always be associated with it (once, I had to queue up to 1 hour!) and secondly because of the figures at the small screen. For my fortnightly grocery shopping, I could easily spend about RM500 for a trolley full of grocery stuff. That about RM1,000 per month and could be more if there is special occassions like Eid, feast for guests etc. I consider that amount as ridiculous as there are only 4 adults in our household, plus one toddler. Si kenit Adeelia. More over, MH and I only eat dinners at home on weekdays and we are usually eating out during weekends and public holidays. So where does the money go, really?
I have to admit used to be quite ignorance on that. I never pay much attentio…