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Ho..Ho..Holiday!- Part II

What we did at Langkawi………

I'm so lucky to have Raject as my travel buddy because she's so sporting walaupun imej memang sivik.We didn't have any proper arrangement on what to do, where to visit, what to eat etc. Temanya -gamble aje! It's more fun that way I guess as we were not pressure in completing certain visiting routes whatsoever. Holiday should be like that, kan? Sesuka hati aje! Inilah gambar-gambar suka hati kami juga....

Bab makan paling best as both of us enjoy good food and tak cerewet.The only different is Raject ni no matter how much she eats, she'll maintain the XS size, while I'm just the opposite! Unfair tau! On our second night at Langkawi we went to eat seafood-lots of it that I suspected that we had created quite a confusion among the diners and the cook as well. Yelah, makanan atas meja macam untuk 5 orang! Lebih mengharukan coz we managed to eat all of them - sampai mabuk seafood!
Our trip there was a combination of a 'good tourist vacati…

Ho..Ho..Holiday!- Part I

Guess where these photos were taken from?

I just got back from a short vacation there and I’m still thrilled about the whole trip.
Why? First, is due to the fact that my work so far have brought me to a few countries including the remote areas in Malaysia, but prior to this vacation, I never set my foot in Langkawi – not even for courses/teambuilding etc. Whenever there was an opportunity arisen, I usually been shoved away somewhere else for that ‘all important job’.

Secondly, I had always wanted to go for a holiday on my own. I was not expecting some luxurious or action-packed holiday, but what I really want is a golden gateway somewhere- where I can be take a break from all the work/life routines and be careless and carefree even for a short while.
My idea of a perfect vacation - loitering at the beach

But me, being me, I just don’t like planning ahead for everything, which resulted me got tangled in other commitments – I had time for ev…

Pelangi Petang

This picture was taken from my office window at about 6 p.m.
It was nice to see something as beautiful as this despite all the chaos here in the office. SubahanAllah...
It reminded me of the song from Sudirman "Pelangi Petang". Lagu yang feeling untuk petang yang feeling juga....

10 Things I To Do When I'm Under Stress

----------Update 13 October 2008---------- Still addition to the readily available stress, I got A call on Sunday (we are on call, 24-7 mind you!) and even though what happened was merely a case of miscommunication, it was enough to make me unable to sleep that night. To make things worse, the 'situation' continued this morning. It was brought up by a different person. It was not entirely my fault, but still I feel the burden of guilt. To think about it, who am I to tanggung semua tu? As that person that I had hurt on Friday tu, still haven't got the answer whether my apology is accepted or not. Dah tanya dah, but no answer. One more thing that made me feel guilty.. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Baru separuh hari at work, but I’m already feeling stress out / overwhelm / whatever you call it.

I’m soo down and tensed that I have reached a point where I can’t do anything at all despite the fact that I got piles of work on my desk.…