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The birth of our lil' Prince

Someone wants to say "Hi!" "Hi everybody!" Introducing our second born, Aydeen! The picture was taken fresh from the oven =) Doesn't he look just like his sister, Adeelia? Aydeen was born on a quiet Friday morning - 30th November 2012.  I had went for my antenatal check-up that Thursday morning and my gynae estimated that I will deliver in 1-2 days time. So I went back home and had my PIL came over for lunch. My MIL who is an experienced midwife said that I didn't really has the labour signs yet - no oily nose and 'perut belum turun ke bawah'. So relax lagilah... After they left, I cleaned up a little and as I was about to perform the Zuhur prayer, I felt some kind of pain at my abdomen. It was like a menstrual cramp. I thought that was because I had been so active for the last few weeks. You see, November 2012 was the busiest time for our family. First of course, about the house renovation that was at its peak during that time. Besides monitoring the p…