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Law & Order

I guess everybody love watching investigation series. From series like NYPD Blue, sampailahGerak Khas or even Roda-roda Kota Raya (featuring A.Galak a.k.a. Abg Misai yg sangat famous before Datuk K-Siti came into picture) all have their own followers.

While CSI is my favorite among them all, I also love watching Law & Order as it is more realistic than the former yang kadang-kadang sangat poyo because the characters seem to know everything-sort like all the data in the chemical text books have been installed in their heads, so that they can blurt out the complex scientific info effortlessly, without hardly having to think even for one nano second. Menyampah jugak, tapi tengok juga citer tu!
Well, the reason I’m telling you guys about this is to relate it with my recent experience on the law and order. I couldn’t reveal the details, but I can say that it includes me trying to make sense of the judiciary system through a very hands on approach. This was in conjunction with my newly as…

Menjaga Hati

This is my much ‘tenang’ version (which is today):I just love this song: not so much because of the lyrics but the title really suit today’s entry. It’s no secret that I’m hopeless in the communication department. I found it’s hard to say what’s inside my head and heart when it comes to personal matters -those things besides work. If it is professional, I don’t have any problem at all. So most of the time, perhaps all the time, I’ll just keep quiet whenever I was hurt by others words, action etc. Call me weak, low self esteem what-ever, but I would try really hard to avoid any kind of conflict. Perhaps I was too afraid to think of what the consequences would be if I just speak out. Perhaps I am more into making assumptions..

This is my actual-real time version (yesterday):When will I ever learn that what I think or feel is not IMPORTANT.Perhaps when I finally came to this realization, I would be able to protect my feeling from being crushed up what so ever. I have been in this situatio…

A Little Something to Share...

Shouldn’t we be happy upon hearing friends getting hitch, getting babies, got promoted, or anything great for that matter? However, I’ve learned (the hard way) that a good news for you doesn’t mean that it is something good for other people to hear as well. So starting from now, I resolved to continue celebrating other people good news, but I’ll be mindful to share mine with others. However, I trust myself to share this little thing that I recently got with you guys here.. =)

BTW, I've uploaded some of other photos at my Fotopages.

My "Ciku" Story-Part I

I just love ciku. It’s such an exquisite and yet humble fruit. The outside of the fruit is hard, but the isi is just soft and sweet thus not much chewing is required, and if it’s really ripe, we can just slurp it..lovely!

Besides the taste, I just love the fruit because every time I eat it, it brings back a special memory that I still vividly remember even though it had happened about 10 years ago. And this is my “Ciku Story”

Venue : Kuala Lumpur General Hospital
Time : After 10 p.m.

You know how creepy hospitals could be at night. For those who were sick, that was the time to get the much needed rest after being poked and stubbed with various needles, medications and what not for the whole day. However, for the caretaker, that was the most dreaded time of the day - the sudden ‘lifeless’ of the building at night could really make you worry sick about the sick.

I had been here for about two months now. There was nothing much that I could do then besides walking back and forth from the ICU…

Holier than Thou

Undeniably, D.I.S.C.R.I.M.I.N.A.T.I.O.N. is the root of many problems in this world. I guess the reason that discrimination exists is because human tend to have this holier than thou attitude that resulted in other people being treated unjustly.

Whilst one can comfortably claim that he/she is not guilty as charge, let’s not forget about generalization which I believe is a fraction of/and thus can lead to discrimination too.

Here let me put the simplest example of generalization - when we see the enforcement officers making their rounds, some would say “Nak cari duit kopi lah tu,” Or when a young woman decided to marry a very much older chap, one might think that she's after that man's wealth. The least harmful form of generalization would be when we assume that product with better packaging is of a better quality too.

However, we should never generalize human being- we should never assume that everybody is the same. People should be treated as an individual without any prejudice,…

Something to Call My Own

I bought my first real jewellery last Sunday. It wasn’t really expensive, but the fact that I got it using my own money, the satisfaction is priceless!! Just like in the bank ad.

Even if I love accessorizing, I’m not really a fan of this real jewellery thing as I think it portrays the image of a much 'mature' woman, especially those thick golden bracelet, necklace dan yang seumpama dengannya.

Another factor that I don’t really fancy those as much is due to my clumsy nature (or I would call it a gold curse). I’m prone of losing the real jewellery, so far I’d lost a gold anklet, ring, earring and only God know how many times I’d been panicking over the misplaced stuff. It was not stolen, I just lost it.

So this resulted in my hands being ‘bare’ and my Mom always had to ask me to wear some of hers for weddings, so that err… actually why do women are sort of expected to wear their finest jewelllery during wedding? It’s somewhat an unwritten rule, which I suspected not for a good caus…