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Ode To My Father-The Unspoken Love

February 13- It has been exactly 9 years since my Dad left us. And yet there was no single day passed without me missing him…It was rather ironic because when my Dad was around, we were not that close in the sense that we talk or share a lot of things with each other. My brother and I were very close to my Mom, and our communication with my Dad was very minimal.
It was not that my Dad was sangat garang what so ever, in fact he never scold us, walaupun dengan rotan kecik, cubit dsb. Perhaps it was due to his quiet nature, but no doubt that he loved us very much, just in his own ways.

I couldn’t really explain how he did it, but despite the silence, somehow both of my brother and I know that my Dad loved us to bits. Until now I can feel that I was loved no matter where I go. The indescribable feeling is what I call the unspoken love.

I couldn’t really recall if my Dad had ever wished me Happy Birthday, but when I was in primary school, every year without failed he would came to my class,…


Being an avid user of the LRT, I find that being confined in a small, stuffy place like the Putra LRT is really torturous. Especially if you are the ungrateful one yang dihimpit-himpit macam sardin ditambah pula dengan bau-bauan yang menghimpit perasaan.So what I do to kill the time and boredom of commuting alone is people watching. And today I watched something that was really 'interesting'. There was this guy standing near the LRT door. He got spiky hair-do, wore dangling earing on both ears but suprisingly he was clad in the office attire. Perhaps he was in the creative industry what so ever. Then there was this petite guy came into the LRT. He was smartly dress in office attire that were figure hugging, (I suspected it was from G2000). He got stylish hair do too, but I couldn't help but to notice that he was quite do I put it..lembut sikit lah. Tapi yang tak tahan tu when I noticed that the spiky hair guy asyik jeling-jeling kat mamat petite tu. Jeling-jeling …