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The Day I Lost My Cool

I have to admit that this was not the first time I burst out at work – but this was definitely the worst. It was initially a discussion, but somehow along the way we or myself for that matter had been pushing or pressuring the “Coordinators” so hard that one of the “Coordinators” got upset and walked away.

Perhaps that was due to the way I explaining things. I felt so strongly about the matter and maybe along the way I had been terlalu tegas that some people just couldn’t stand it.

But I had been telling the same thing over and over again for over a month. So I guess I got the right to be upset too. To cut the long story short, how would you build a house if the foundation is not there yet?

Perhaps for some people, this incident indicated that I’m garang, ego, control freak, bossy, panicky what ever. While I only admit of being an egoist and a control freak, the real truth why I felt so strongly on my views are as follows:

1. I just want to make things easy for everybody. You see, each of…


Finally I bought my first SK-II set - it was only from the Discovery range, but I love the size-suitable for travelling. I got it quite sometimes ago in SOGO, Taiwan. Hope it's going to work just as it promised!

Actually I don't really want to blog about it, But since I hadn't update my blog for sooo long, so I guess this is better than nothing!