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Life's Little Joy

I was at this workshop @ the Royale Chulan Hotel where we discussed about the poor, marginalized group and the hardships that they face. It is always disturbing to know that despite of all efforts that being made, there are still rakyat that live in extreme poverty. Yeah, yeah I know it was rather ironic that such discussion was being held at such a posh place.

Anyways, it was what I saw during lunch that really touched my heart that day. I was getting my dessert when I spotted this rather young guy with spiky hair and black T-shirt. Physically, he was just another guy. But what really caught my attention was that I saw him saying do'a makan with his hands held firmly on the air. And I was pretty sure that it was not just a short do'a makan that perhaps took us about 20 seconds to finish. On my third glance at him, he was still saying his prayer dengan sangat khusyu', oblivious of his surrounding.

I really respect his action. He was not ashamed to really practice his bel…

I Have a Dream...

Washington DC, April 17-22 I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered 28 August 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument

Eh, macam kenal je minah ni =D

White House
Actually, memang lah berpagar, tapi nak gambar cantik punya pasal, letak tangan kat dalam pagar tu and snap. Nasib baik bukan pagar elektrik, kalau tak dah terkezut hehehe.
US Capitol

Farmer's Market at Dupont Circle There was nothing much to say about DC, except for its gorgeous scenery, famous historical sites and of course the White House. I was hoping to bump into the President or at least the elegant First Lady, but no luck. Our tourist guide told us that just the other week, the President went to his daughter's soccer match and nobody had expected that. Nice!

Dumb *ss

I strongly believe that you are responsible for your own decision and action no matter what. That is the reason why God gives you akal dan fikiran plus conscience. So it’s entirely up to you whether to make a hasty or sound decision.
It’s okay to make wrong decision, that’s how you learn. But DO NOT blame others if you have made a mistake, especially if that particular person has personally given you her two cents worth. What’s even worst is that you use that person’s name just to save your ass. Kaki putar belit! And that’s just make you a dumb *ss! And I'm tired of the whole thing, especially o***c* politics!

This Ain’t No Disco, It Ain’t No Country Club Either, This is LA!

As if travelling to U.S. is not long enough, my first trip took me longer. Here’s my itinerary: KL – Singapore (overnight) – Tokyo - LA - Washington. Basically it took us about 22 hours on flight and another 17 hours on the ground for transit. But then again, it took me almost a year to participate in this IVL Programme starting from the nomination, interview, and screenings at various levels up to completing the online visa application and finally be there.

Despite the claustrophobic experience in the U*ited Airlines flight, I look forward for the transit in LA as I got to meet my lil’ brother who’s staying there. Alhamdulillah the Immigration process went on smoothly, but I suspect that we spent a little bit more time at the counter than other people. No prize for guessing it’s because of the same issue. And because of the same thing, we'll be the same people who will get random body search at the security gate. Random sangatlah tu..
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is one…

Membesar bagai johan

Good news first – I found out today that as a 29-weeks pregnant lady, I’m officially allowed to consume extra 200 calories a day to match my baby's growth spurt. (source: babycentre). Well, this is ONE good news that I can’t resist and has no qualms in obeying!
In fact, I realized since these couple of weeks, my appetite has grown REALLY big. I feel hungry almost all the time except at night. Last week was like major craving. The moment I woke up, I would feel a pang in my stomach - I need to be fed immediately! Yes, my little girl won’t wait! What did I do about it? I would took two slices of bread or fruits at home to alas perut. And through out my journey to work, I would imagine what to have for my real breakfast - Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong, Fried Macaroni, Soto etc. In very extreme case of near starvation (yeah, this is exaggerating!), I would get my poor colleague to get my breakfast for me, so that the moment I reached my cubicle, I would be all set to eat!! Oh …