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I’m easily irritated and annoyed. Period.
So I (we) had quite a tiring day yesterday. Got up at 4.30 a.m. in order to be at the Kuantan airport in time to catch the 6.50 a.m. flight. Then straight from KLIA we went for a dialogue session at the UN Building which lasted for about 3 hours.
So I went to the office haggard and decided to forgo lunch for a siesta. I woke up half and hour later, feeling a bit refresh and ready to kick back. But my high-spirit did not last for long as a few hours later this particular person came to my desk and asked me to pass this message to a colleague of mine - “Ask *** to make reservation at KLCC for ***, tapi bukan yang twin tower tu ya, the one near the taman,”
I was like OMG- a total annoyance! I’m not quite sure whether I should feel this way, as the message was meant for another person, but the way she said those words in bold – even though not directly meant to me – very annnoying and snobbish. It insulted my (our) intelligence. And I hate it when pe…

Getting There...

I went for a wedding last night in Merak Kayangan – yes they held the wedding reception on a working day. I didn’t know the reason they had it on Thursday night though, perhaps the place was fully booked during the weekend (I heard that you have to book at least a year ahead!) or it was because some other reason-significant date for the couple or stuff like that.
Anyway, I don’t intend to elaborate on the wedding, it was just that on our way there, ML said something to my great astonishment..
He said, “Tinggal 100 hari lagi before our wedding..’”
I said “ Is it true? OH MY GOD!”

~ silent-fumbling with the buttons on my kebaya batik. I always do that whenever I was nervous, angry, anxiety~
I asked him “ Are you sure, really..really sure?”
~Dumb question, as if I didn’t have a calendar, or just recover from short term memory lost. ~
But instead of questionning my absent-minded respond, ML being ML, so patiently he began calculating the days and the months for me oh-so-patiently and guess wha…


My Dad did not leave us with abundance of wealth, big house or anything like that- but he left us with this great lesson on life – we should always RESPECT others. This is not necessarily confined to human being, but other living creatures as well.
My Dad argument on this was simple- every living thing should be respected- because they were all created by God, and was given the opportunity live. Then I learnt in school that every human being is the same before Allah - regardless of their status, skin color, place origin etc – the only thing that distinguish between a man with another is “ketaqwaan mereka kepada Allah”. Talking about respect, I still remember when my Dad was hospitalized for the second time; there was this Bangladeshi patient next to his bed. My Dad was allowed to eat literally everything, so we brought him food, fruits and juice. Instead of enjoying the stuff all by himself, my Dad take a look at the goodies that we brought to them and said this, “Bagi sikit kat dia (th…