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To A Special Friend...

H.A.P.P.Y. B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y.

Ode To Our Father

In response to my previous entry - Ode to My Father-The Unspoken Love, my brother FK had posted his comment which I thought was too precious to be left just in the comment box. So I decided to share it here..

He was a good man. I am where I am today because of him.

I was five or six maybe when we went to Yaohan together. For some reasons I can't remember, I asked him to buy me some tools. So he bought me a red toolbox, a couple of big screwdrivers with yellow handles, pliers and a set of interchangeable saws. Real tools, not toys. And the fun began.

Not too long after that I came out with my own invention. "Pembakar belacan" I called it, intended to replace the tudung periuk my mom used to grill belacan. Nothing fancy. But looking back at it I thought it's pretty amazing that I came out with it at such young age. See there was a problem, there was the thought process on the possible solutions, there was the fabrication of the most cost effective solution, and there w…

Of The Battle, The Wait and Victory

In a battle for land, gold, wealth and dignity,We fight with our own hands,With sweat, strength and blood,But in a battle for majority, power and influence,Our battle and fate is actually in other people's hands.
I'm not quite sure which one is the hardest,But "Everybody wants to win THE battle," he said,"And that's what a battle is all about- WINNING," I said.
So we waited,For me it was an 8-hours of waiting,For him it seemed like a life-time of waiting,But for her it was something worth a life to wait for,What ever it is- waiting is torturous.

But in whatever battle that we are in,
The long and painful waiting time,There will be no dearth of people saying "It's worth it"Especially when we win,And the taste of victory is always sweet,
"Success is a two-bladed golden sword;
it knights one and stabs one at the same time" - Mae West

P/S : To everybody involved, Congratulations!

When Love and Hate Collides

I always in a working trip. And I usually have no complaint about it, even if it means that I have to sacrifice my weekends for it. I just loathe routine, so I regard traveling even for work purposes as a great escapade from the mundane desk work.

I usually come back to the office inspired - knowing the project that I’d been harboring for days (even months) is bringing impact to some people’s lives. It’s a satisfaction.

However, my recent trip to Kuching had been nothing but a great despair. No doubt that all the programmes were a success and our counterpart in Sarawak had been very great and helpful.

But something had happened. I should spare the details for later but Mr Famous Amos had told me that I was over reacting – in his exact word- I was being a drama queen. He could be right, or not. I admit for being over sensitive, for taking everything personally. But I do take great pride of my job. I’m not implying here that I’m a pekerja cemerlang or what- it’s just that I love what I’m…