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Tokyo Day 0 - The Right Stuff

Konnichiwa! =) I just came back from Tokyo last Thursday. Had been there for a week and came back the evening before Idul Adha.

Even if I do travel quite a lot, I still loathe packing. It is a long and tiring process, starting with doing a check list first. No matter where I go, near or far, for business or leisure, I will always start my packing by jotting down every stuff that I will bring along. My list will be as detail as what to wear on day one till the last. And by ‘what to wear’ it means the complete match of the shirt/work attire -pants/skirt-hijab-undergarment-set of brooches.

Owh yes, I’m never a light traveler. I will not taking any chance, thus I will bring every little thing that’s important for me- my own toiletries (complete with my own shower foam and loofah), stationery and of course my 3 in 1 – Rich Nescafe to get me going (this item is actually rank first in my check list!).
Even during DPA, I still rigidly adhere to my checklist that during the Army Training module …