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Home Sweet Home: Ah Keong Kuasa Dua

In this entry I would like to share our experience in sourcing untuk kelengkapan rumah kami. Since we didn't have a main contractor for the renovation, therefore, we had to get every little and big things ourselves. Like any newbies in this house renovation, we relied on contacts from family and friends and also recommendation from other bloggers. For instance, for the tiles, it was MH's brother in law who suggested us to use NIRO tiles. The only brand that MH and I knew were only White Horse because of its frequent radio ad =) We got the contacts for windows and suppliers for all the construction materials from my parents in laws. Kebetulan pula, both nama Ah Keong. My PILs ni client lama diaorang. Dari zaman buat rumah family di Kajang tu + projek-projek renovation rumah anak-anak (termasuk kami hehehe) memang deal dengan diaorang ni lah. So rate memang boleh nego, siap boleh bayar instalment! Si Ah Keong yang hardware ni punyalah baik, sampai dia sendiri yang tolong potong2