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Family Outing @KL Bird Park

Lately, I'm really excited in planning our family activities during the weekend or holidays. Maybe it's because both my children dah besar sedikit dan dah boleh berjalan, so lebih mudah untuk bawa jalan-jalan dan beg pun taklah besar sangat macam masa baby hehehe. One more reason maybe it's because MH kurang kena outstation or kerja during weekend/public holidays lately, so it's more fun for us to plan our family activity. 

During the CNY holiday, we went to KL Bird Park. Before we went there, I did a little online research about this place. It got great reviews from international visitors, which put me to shame because I'd never been there. Sometimes, we tend to take things for granted just because we live there, right? So dengan mengambil spiritTahun Melawat Malaysia 2014, kami pun tak ketinggalan untuk explore tempat-tempat menarik di negara sendiri starting with the KL Bird Park. It's never too late to appreciate our own country right?

Tiket masuk ialah RM25/…