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Home Sweet Home: House Progress 1

Ini adalah entry bergambar mengenai renovation progress untuk fasa awal. MH adalah sangat busy membuat photocopy lay-out plan untuk tukang rumah dan kontraktor yang berkaitan - wiring etc. Ini tips yang bagus, biarlah bersusah sikit, tapi dapat memudahkan kerja dan elak kekeliruan kemudian hari. Kontraktor nak sedia quotation pun senang. Projek dimulakan dengan  marking the plots. Kami memang kena berada di site sepanjang proses ini kerana mereka perlu re-confirm banyak perkara semasa marking ni especially on the size and usage for each space. Pening juga kepala mereka sebab ada spec kami yang agak luar biasa dari kelaziman. So kenalah explain banyak kali untuk elak kesilapan. Dimulakan dengan persiapan untuk naikkan beam. Lepas marking dengan kayu, mereka gali pula ruang untuk beam dan dinding. Masa ni suspense juga sebab nampak ruang-ruang tu kecil je...muat ke nanti? 


 2 gambar last yang paling penting - mak buyung dengan si kenit pun ber'camping…

Not the RIGHT person - Part II

This is the continuation from my previous entry on being left-handed. In this entry, I wish to share some everyday little things that you might not aware about living as a left-handed person: 1. Pencil / pen smudges
As we write from left to right using our left hand, our hands would smudge the lead/ink as it passed over the writing. This is most apparent after sitting for an essay-writing exam. I had to scrub my hand really hard after the exam as it would be covered with blue/black ink. Using a fountain pen is a nighthmare as the ink is 'wet' so we tend to smear  not only our hands, but the paper as well. 
2. Choosing a notebook
Lefties will avoid buying notebooks with the rings/binders on the left. It is because we will not be able to write comfortably as our hands will push the ring. We also despise any notebook with thick binding for the same reason. It hurts our hands!  3. Computer mouse
When ever I use the laptop, people will ask whether I need to use the mouse to navigate. I …

Home Sweet Home - The Preparation

For our home renovation, MH and I decided not to hire interior decorators and principal contractor to do the work. We hired a group of carpenters and manage the project ourselves (read: MH is the lead contractor, I'm just sibuk-sibuk je)! Making such decision means that we:

(1) have to know EVERYTHING about house construction / renovation,
(2) need to BUY all the necessary stuff ourselves - from the biggest to the smallest parts like the nails,
(3) need to visit the site frequently (i.e. EVERYDAY!)
(4) need to make every decisions for every single thing that involves the house and
(5) will be fully accountable for the choices that we have made - whether it was good or bad.

Basically it requires our 100% involvement through out the process. But the good part is, by doing this ourselves we will know what to expect when the renovation ends - so we can avoid disappointment or unnecessary 'surprise' and of course, we can hope to save some $$$. Yes, this is quite a bold move, since n…