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Living in A Suitcase


27th to 28th November - Ipoh, Perak

Got the directive to go there while I'm in Perlis, 5 hours before my flight back to KL.

My schedule for November

4th to 19th November - Workshop in Taiwan

20th to 21st November - Office

23rd to 24th November - Alor Setar, Kedah

25th to 27th November - Perlis

29th to 30th November - There is a big fat chance that I have to go to Penang

I hardly have time for myself, so how am I going to have a relationship then?

My Taipei Experience #1

If that is one word to describe us- the participants of this workshop, it would be “diverse”.

Even if we are small in numbers, but we represent the different part of the world, namely the Europe, South East Asia, Middle East Asia, South America, Africa and even countries that don’t belong to any continent- they just call themselves peoples from the Pacific.

However, we clicked almost immediately and I guess it was due to the fact that women all over the world share the common interest and that is SHOPPING!
On our second night here, the 7 of us got together and decided to explore Taipei city on our own. And God it was not easy at all because not many people here speak English. So just imagine a bunch of people, so frantic with our maps, terkial-kial with the Taiwan Dollars, braving the peak hour crowd to get into the MRT.
However, we managed to get to the Shilin Night Market with the help of a few good Samaritans who had been very helpful despite the language barrier.
Shilin Night Mark…

I'm a Meat Eater!

I’m writing this entry from Taipei and it has been 8 days now since I left KL. And only God knows how I miss home and right now I’m really craving for meat!!

You see, I’m here for a workshop and the organizer have to cater for 20 participants from 16 different countries. So with such diversity of nationalities and all, I just opt for vegetarian food, to avoid any hassle for the organizer.

Furthermore, I don’t want the others to think that it is difficult to be a Muslim. So I have veggies for lunch and dinner and I guess I’ve tasted all kind of veggies that Taiwan has. And while the veggies are tasty, sweet and fresh-mind you that Taiwan has the freshest agriculture products and of very excellent quality, but still it can’t replace the juicy-berlemak taste of meat. And as I’m writing this, I’m really craving for a Big Mac and nasi lemak rendang ayam….

And here’s what I have had for my meals so far…………………
Korean Style VeggiesCu…