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Hello peeps!
I guess this is not the best way to make my comeback to this page after a 9-month hiatus. But well, I guess this is exactly where I want to be at this moment.
I came across this old song 'Knife' in one of the CDs that I found in my car. It's so ironic that I keep on repeating that song in my car on my way to and off work almost everyday. It felt so true, especially when it comes to the chorus part:
Cuts like a knife How will I ever heal
I'm so deeply wounded
Cuts like a knife
You cut away the heart of my life

When I pretend
Wear a smile to fool my dearest friends
I wonder if they know
It's just a show

Little did I knew that yesterday my world crumbles, again. It is caused by the same knife that had stabbed me at the same spot, and yet the pain remained just as deep 😢 
But I still got to wake up, put on a fake smile and face the world today, as if nothing ever happened despite the fact that I'm dying inside right now...

A Fresh Beginning

Hello everybody!!

As of February 2017, I'm no longer a student sob..sob..sob. Alhamdulillah, I'd completed the 3-semester course and had report back to work early this month. See how fast the time flies when you are having fun? Ahaks! So this is it. No more surviving each day in jeans and T-shirts, carrying the backpack around campus. I'm now back to work, back to the real working world..hush!

Well, truth to be told, while I was enjoying my time with my studies and new friends, I think the 15 months break from the office is just enough for me. Not later, not sooner. 

I'm so grateful that the opportunity to pursue my studies came during the time when my motivation was very low, the environment had become so toxic and I literally had to drag myself to work.

So, the study leave was very much (read: desperately) needed. I enjoyed my student life - making new friends, interesting discussions with the lecturers, undertaking the tasks and most importantly, I really value the nove…