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Enough of words..let the pics do the talking...!

Tokyo was great - the people were nice and courteous (at least the one that I had encountered with), the city was clean and the transportation systems were superb, however, no matter how great the place is, I guess the best place to be is with your love one...there is where the heart is... sorry jiwang sikit =)

Tokyo Day 0-The Road Less Travelled

I went there with another lady officer from KKLW. As all MAS’ and JAL’s direct flight to Tokyo were fully booked, we got there via Vietnam Airlines (VA) instead. I had no qualms upon using different airlines; in fact I look forward to observe their uniforms and the unique hospitality that they offer.
The only drawback was that we couldn’t get the direct flight, so we had to transit in Hanoi for 5 hours…uhh. Well, at least that was stated in my flight itinerary and boarding pass. The fact was we actually had to go to Ho Chin Minh City first, BEFORE went to Hanoi. Nobody told us that, even the girl at the counter, we just figured it out as we got onboard. I blamed my bad Geography for this, and also lack of information from the check-in counter!
My misfortune with the airline staff went on as we got to Ho Chin Minh, (I forgot the name of the airport). As our vessel number was the same as the one bound for Hanoi, so it was only natural for us to think that it was going to be a short stop,…

Tokyo Day 0 - The Right Stuff

Konnichiwa! =) I just came back from Tokyo last Thursday. Had been there for a week and came back the evening before Idul Adha.

Even if I do travel quite a lot, I still loathe packing. It is a long and tiring process, starting with doing a check list first. No matter where I go, near or far, for business or leisure, I will always start my packing by jotting down every stuff that I will bring along. My list will be as detail as what to wear on day one till the last. And by ‘what to wear’ it means the complete match of the shirt/work attire -pants/skirt-hijab-undergarment-set of brooches.

Owh yes, I’m never a light traveler. I will not taking any chance, thus I will bring every little thing that’s important for me- my own toiletries (complete with my own shower foam and loofah), stationery and of course my 3 in 1 – Rich Nescafe to get me going (this item is actually rank first in my check list!).
Even during DPA, I still rigidly adhere to my checklist that during the Army Training module …

Life after that...

Alhamdulillah, MH (previously known as ML) and I are now married! It has been 12 days since we first entered the new phase of our life and I’m still trying to get used to be referred to as Puan =)

I don’t intend to spill on the details of the wedding in this entry as I haven’t got my wedding pics yet. Tak surprise lah kan =) But some of the pics taken by family and friends who attended the wedding (thanks guys for coming!) are already in the Facebook. I seriously hope the pics will turn out well as I’m not the photogenic type, unlike MH who can effortlessly strikes a pose even with the phone camera! As for me even if I gave my brightest smile, somehow it in the pics it will turn out either muka sedih or mata kuyu huhuhuu. That’s why I prefer candid photos, it’s more natural. Undeniably other than the addressing-thing there are a lot of other things that we need to get used to. There are still lot about him that I need to learn and understand especially since we decided to get married n…

Countdown to Commitment...

How time flies!! There are still another 14 days before our wedding and God, I still have plenty of things to do! I got so many things in my hands other than the wedding itself thus making me having serious panic attack right now. We have moved....
ML and I are going to live with my Mom after the wedding but the house that we were living then was not very suitable for the three of us, thus we had to move out. After much wandering di taman-taman perumahan, we finally found our so-called perfect home. But the chore did not stop there. By the time we found the house, I was really busy with this annual event that I could not spare the time to do the packing. Thus immediately after the event, I took a 3-days leave and started packing for the whole house!! Finally, we managed to move on August 30th. Yes, in the fasting month! Sangatlah penat even as we had a few extra helping hands from the neighbours.But it was worth it. We really like the house and it's surrounding. And I guess because …


They can forget what they have told you,

But you can never forget how they make you feel....

A Grey Cat @ Jalan Raja Laut

As I was waiting for my ride yesterday evening, a grey Persian cat walked pass me. I have a soft spot for cats- whenever I see one, I will get this mushy gushy feeling all over me. And being in close contact with the feline friends for almost a decade, I can tell whether a cat is a he or a she by just looking at the face, and not at the back..huhuhu.

Here's an example, can you tell which one of this cats are female and male?
Both answer are wrong as both are female! I think the former pic is more obvious as May had a rather feminine look despite of her rugged fur. The latter is Dedek, in her not so-cute pose.
Anyway the grey that I saw in front of my office building cat did not bring that sort of warm feeling inside me. is not that the cat is ugly. I think that cat is such an elegant creature, thus there is no ugly cat in this world. It was because the way that she walked-limpy, terjengkit-jengkit.It looked like she had just been hit either by a car or motorcycle.
A few weak s…

More Than Words

I have a few confessions to make. First, I would always look forward for my Sunday newspaper. I got cheap thrills by browsing from page to page of my favorite Star Mag; drowning myself into the well written articles about people, culture and places.

Whilst I don't usually agree with most of the columnists namely Dzof Azmi and Dzireena, I really look forward for the weekly features which usually about interesting story of the ordinary people.

But last Sunday my favorite pick had to be this article “Praise, Don’t Disgrace” by Nithya Sidhhu. At first I was just reading it for the sake of reading as she had never been my favorite writer. She is an educationist, so her piece would always evolve around school-teacher-student-school administration and stuff like that.

However, this time as I got down to the very last word in her piece, I found that I could relate to the thing that she wrote. It was about name calling. She brilliantly describes the situation as this, "Name calling is hu…

HappY SundaY

I have had a few really mandom days last week, but little did I know that my weekend would end up well...
What I Did Over the Weekend
1.50 p.m, D’Seri Endon, Putrajaya – Chai and Dini's Wedding Reception - Being based in KL, I missed out a great deal of things a.k.a. I was practically ‘out of the loop’ when it comes to the latest news and development (?) about my batchmates. But last Sunday I did managed to catch up with a few friends at the wedding. However, things were never the same without the presence of Adzlin, Dalina dan Raject- my closest female friends..
Kenangan di Audi- tapi kami bukanlah Siamese TwinYes, we had done with the *PA thing for more than 2 years now, and yet deep down inside I still have this sense of belonging to the clique. We were practically inseparable during the 6-months period. We endured soo many things together -there were tears (di tepi kolam ikan di Audi bila kena pecah Sidang), laughter, lot of silly stuff, episod kecil hati/merajuk (only invloving …

Plan Aborted

Initially I really look forward for today. I woke up feeling cheery, put on my best baju kurung, and I was soo glad that I had a good-skin day today. You see, I was supposed to attend this programme in Serdang later in the afternoon, thus, I had it all planned out-
3.00 – 6.00 pm - Programme in Serdang
6.00 pm onwards - Meet Hidayah a.k.a. HA (as I referred her to in my previous posts)
Afterwards - ML to join us.
Hidayah is my very good friend back to the days when both of us were freshies in UPM. Now she is pursuing her Ph.D in Japan and I haven’t seen her for quite sometimes, I guess since last February. So now, she is back in Malaysia for a short-one-week break and we hope to meet up at least once before I tie the knot. However, our schedules were incredibly crazy, and the fact that I live in Setapak and she resides in Dengkil made it more difficult for us to meet up more often.
So when I got this memo that I had to attend this programme in Serdang, I was so excited as I could arrange m…


I’m easily irritated and annoyed. Period.
So I (we) had quite a tiring day yesterday. Got up at 4.30 a.m. in order to be at the Kuantan airport in time to catch the 6.50 a.m. flight. Then straight from KLIA we went for a dialogue session at the UN Building which lasted for about 3 hours.
So I went to the office haggard and decided to forgo lunch for a siesta. I woke up half and hour later, feeling a bit refresh and ready to kick back. But my high-spirit did not last for long as a few hours later this particular person came to my desk and asked me to pass this message to a colleague of mine - “Ask *** to make reservation at KLCC for ***, tapi bukan yang twin tower tu ya, the one near the taman,”
I was like OMG- a total annoyance! I’m not quite sure whether I should feel this way, as the message was meant for another person, but the way she said those words in bold – even though not directly meant to me – very annnoying and snobbish. It insulted my (our) intelligence. And I hate it when pe…

Getting There...

I went for a wedding last night in Merak Kayangan – yes they held the wedding reception on a working day. I didn’t know the reason they had it on Thursday night though, perhaps the place was fully booked during the weekend (I heard that you have to book at least a year ahead!) or it was because some other reason-significant date for the couple or stuff like that.
Anyway, I don’t intend to elaborate on the wedding, it was just that on our way there, ML said something to my great astonishment..
He said, “Tinggal 100 hari lagi before our wedding..’”
I said “ Is it true? OH MY GOD!”

~ silent-fumbling with the buttons on my kebaya batik. I always do that whenever I was nervous, angry, anxiety~
I asked him “ Are you sure, really..really sure?”
~Dumb question, as if I didn’t have a calendar, or just recover from short term memory lost. ~
But instead of questionning my absent-minded respond, ML being ML, so patiently he began calculating the days and the months for me oh-so-patiently and guess wha…


My Dad did not leave us with abundance of wealth, big house or anything like that- but he left us with this great lesson on life – we should always RESPECT others. This is not necessarily confined to human being, but other living creatures as well.
My Dad argument on this was simple- every living thing should be respected- because they were all created by God, and was given the opportunity live. Then I learnt in school that every human being is the same before Allah - regardless of their status, skin color, place origin etc – the only thing that distinguish between a man with another is “ketaqwaan mereka kepada Allah”. Talking about respect, I still remember when my Dad was hospitalized for the second time; there was this Bangladeshi patient next to his bed. My Dad was allowed to eat literally everything, so we brought him food, fruits and juice. Instead of enjoying the stuff all by himself, my Dad take a look at the goodies that we brought to them and said this, “Bagi sikit kat dia (th…

Jejak Kasih

It's been a while since I last update my blog. I got soo many great things to share here, and a few of not-so-great stuff too..(I'm a drama queen what you expect?) But I just don't have enough time to do all that...~sigh~
In the mean time, just to share our family photo during a get together a few weeks back.

W.H.E.R.E. I.S. T.H.E. L.O.V.E.

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing"- Albert Einstein
A couple of months ago, my colleague, PJ was found unconscious on the roadside near Masjid Negara with only his helmet and IC with him. Hence, the police tracked down his family in Johor according to the address in his IC. But the fact is, his family had moved to KL. Finally the police managed to get hold of the family in the afternoon, whilst the incident (or accident) took place in the morning. Ironically, our office situated about 15 minutes from the scene. And we only got to know about the news late in the evening. While we were visiting him that evening, I could not help but to ask, "Siapalah manusia yang sanggup do such thing to another human being?" We were so full of questions, was he being robbed? or was it a hit-and-run and then he was robbed? or did he got into a fight and was beaten severely? But it was only him that could …

Bergumbira di Malam Hari..

It’s been awhile since I last attended a dinner party. Oh, I’m so vain that I don’t really bother about socializing/mingling/networking with new people during the function, I just love to prim and preen – in other word, getting ready for the event.

These are the reasons why I love it:
(1) Usually I'm on the organizing part, so whenever we hold a dinner, hi-tea what-so-ever we couldn't really enjoy the food, performance etc because we had to be on-standy, making sure that everything is okay- kena kerja-lah!
(2) I love the process of deciding on what to wear for the event. Even if I don’t have a wardrobe full of fabulous clothes, hence there is not so not much of an option then, I just love the process.
(3) After finding the clothes to wear now comes the more exciting part - choosing (or sometimes even buy new) accessories to go with the attire and matching the shoes and purse.
(4) But that couldn't beat this best part -experimenting with the make-up. And because a dinner party …

What Happened over the Weekend

After so much of deliberation, at last The Organiser (T.O) had chosen to conduct the workshop at Fraser's Hill last weekend. I had never been there before, but were told that the road there is so narrow and winding that they have to use the tidal flow system for going up and down the hill.
So on the fateful Friday evening, I packed my bag and boarded on the bus with 17 other colleagues of mine. It was so much drama since the beginning. First, we waited for almost half an hour for a colleague because the bus that she took from JB broke down in Seremban.
Then as we got to Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB), it was raining cats and dogs. That was when we found out that the wiper was not functioning. So every 10 minutes or so, we had to stop to wipe out the windscreen. That was when the real drama begins..
After episodes of confrontation, salah-menyalahkan one another, smirking and all that - we realized that it was getting late and we had not perform the Asar prayer just yet. So we drove to the near…

Great Expectation = Great Disappointment

I had a very turbulent time for the last couple of weeks. Spilling the details here would be unnecessary, but if there is one thing that I learn from all these, it would be simplified as this - GREAT EXPECTATIONS= GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT.

It takes no Einstein to come out wit that equation, but I guess almost everybody could relate to that. Imagine that you asked for tomyam, but you get beriyani instead. Sure both are yummy, but as you placed the order in the first place, imaginatively you already expect to have the sour-lemon grass-y taste of the tomyam in your mouth. Of course you'll be disappointed right?

The same goes with human being. Yes, we should accept people the way they are, but as a normal human being, we couldn't help but to have at least a tiny winy expectation on what the person should be, especially those who are close to us. For instance, as students we expect our teachers to have the answers to all the questions in the world, because we regard them with people with…

To A Special Friend...

H.A.P.P.Y. B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y.

Ode To Our Father

In response to my previous entry - Ode to My Father-The Unspoken Love, my brother FK had posted his comment which I thought was too precious to be left just in the comment box. So I decided to share it here..

He was a good man. I am where I am today because of him.

I was five or six maybe when we went to Yaohan together. For some reasons I can't remember, I asked him to buy me some tools. So he bought me a red toolbox, a couple of big screwdrivers with yellow handles, pliers and a set of interchangeable saws. Real tools, not toys. And the fun began.

Not too long after that I came out with my own invention. "Pembakar belacan" I called it, intended to replace the tudung periuk my mom used to grill belacan. Nothing fancy. But looking back at it I thought it's pretty amazing that I came out with it at such young age. See there was a problem, there was the thought process on the possible solutions, there was the fabrication of the most cost effective solution, and there w…

Of The Battle, The Wait and Victory

In a battle for land, gold, wealth and dignity,We fight with our own hands,With sweat, strength and blood,But in a battle for majority, power and influence,Our battle and fate is actually in other people's hands.
I'm not quite sure which one is the hardest,But "Everybody wants to win THE battle," he said,"And that's what a battle is all about- WINNING," I said.
So we waited,For me it was an 8-hours of waiting,For him it seemed like a life-time of waiting,But for her it was something worth a life to wait for,What ever it is- waiting is torturous.

But in whatever battle that we are in,
The long and painful waiting time,There will be no dearth of people saying "It's worth it"Especially when we win,And the taste of victory is always sweet,
"Success is a two-bladed golden sword;
it knights one and stabs one at the same time" - Mae West

P/S : To everybody involved, Congratulations!

When Love and Hate Collides

I always in a working trip. And I usually have no complaint about it, even if it means that I have to sacrifice my weekends for it. I just loathe routine, so I regard traveling even for work purposes as a great escapade from the mundane desk work.

I usually come back to the office inspired - knowing the project that I’d been harboring for days (even months) is bringing impact to some people’s lives. It’s a satisfaction.

However, my recent trip to Kuching had been nothing but a great despair. No doubt that all the programmes were a success and our counterpart in Sarawak had been very great and helpful.

But something had happened. I should spare the details for later but Mr Famous Amos had told me that I was over reacting – in his exact word- I was being a drama queen. He could be right, or not. I admit for being over sensitive, for taking everything personally. But I do take great pride of my job. I’m not implying here that I’m a pekerja cemerlang or what- it’s just that I love what I’m…

Ode To My Father-The Unspoken Love

February 13- It has been exactly 9 years since my Dad left us. And yet there was no single day passed without me missing him…It was rather ironic because when my Dad was around, we were not that close in the sense that we talk or share a lot of things with each other. My brother and I were very close to my Mom, and our communication with my Dad was very minimal.
It was not that my Dad was sangat garang what so ever, in fact he never scold us, walaupun dengan rotan kecik, cubit dsb. Perhaps it was due to his quiet nature, but no doubt that he loved us very much, just in his own ways.

I couldn’t really explain how he did it, but despite the silence, somehow both of my brother and I know that my Dad loved us to bits. Until now I can feel that I was loved no matter where I go. The indescribable feeling is what I call the unspoken love.

I couldn’t really recall if my Dad had ever wished me Happy Birthday, but when I was in primary school, every year without failed he would came to my class,…


Being an avid user of the LRT, I find that being confined in a small, stuffy place like the Putra LRT is really torturous. Especially if you are the ungrateful one yang dihimpit-himpit macam sardin ditambah pula dengan bau-bauan yang menghimpit perasaan.So what I do to kill the time and boredom of commuting alone is people watching. And today I watched something that was really 'interesting'. There was this guy standing near the LRT door. He got spiky hair-do, wore dangling earing on both ears but suprisingly he was clad in the office attire. Perhaps he was in the creative industry what so ever. Then there was this petite guy came into the LRT. He was smartly dress in office attire that were figure hugging, (I suspected it was from G2000). He got stylish hair do too, but I couldn't help but to notice that he was quite do I put it..lembut sikit lah. Tapi yang tak tahan tu when I noticed that the spiky hair guy asyik jeling-jeling kat mamat petite tu. Jeling-jeling …

Tagging Game

I've been tagged by Sham and the deal is I have to use Google Image to search the answers to the 13 questions below. I have to choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as my answer.

Here it goes...

I am... an
I really want to Bikini Bottom and meet my hero

My favorite place..........
My fav things are..............

My fav drink is..... My fav food are...

My fav colour is ........ I live in..... I was born in............. I attended....... and

My fav story is............
These are my hobbies...........
and.............. And I definitely wish for.......... more of these...

and... p/s: I'm being very vain....kan

Yey! I Won Him Over...

I was in a meeting juggling to keep my sanity intact while shooing away the lividness that been covering myself lately when this particular senior guy asked me “Dari J** you sorang je ke?”

I answered yes. He smirked and then uttered some words of sarcasm towards the organization I was representing (or was it to me?). Even if I’m very determined to retort back with an equally sarcastic way, somehow I just swallowed the words that I was nearly about to blurt out. I looked directly to him in the eyes instead, and gave him the sweetest smile that I can managed that time.

Yey! I thought I saw a hint of disappointment in him as he quickly turned his attention to someone else. He failed to put me down. Then the meeting started. However towards the end of the meeting he gave his second shot towards my organization (or was it me again?) even though it was totally irrelevant and for God’s sake we did have people from the other *****try as well in the meeting!

This time I was really at edge and tha…
I don’t really know what’s happening to me, but I haven’t been quite myself lately.

Everything doesn’t feel right. And I hate being in this situation.

And it’s not that time of the month…

I don’t know how to describe about what I’m feeling right now and I don’t really quite sure what’s causing it.

I’m just emotionally not here nor there.

I’m neither happy nor sad.

I’m not tensed nor too relax.

I don’t want to be alone but I don’t want to be surrounded with people.

I just feel empty. Aimless.

I feel like a robot, carrying my duty and responsibility as a worker, daughter, whatsoever without having any feeling and putting so much thinking into it at all.

I hate my own guts.

I guess I got a word to describe it - Floating – I guess that’s the word. I’m floating, my mind is floating.

Kartun Muzikal

I have a confession to make – even at this age, I still love watching cartoons. I’m not referring to Manga here or any of the canggih type - but the ol’ school one.

I admit of being in front of the TV watching Sponge Bob Square Pants (Patrick adalah makhluk dengan personaliti yang sangat interesting!), Chibi Maruko Chan (version manusia pun ada gak kat 8TV dulu, tapi now dah takde dah), Pingu, Bob The Builder (kenapa agaknya kartun suka guna nama Bob?) And of course kartun yang mature sket – Futurama. Dulu-dulu TV3 used to view this show.

I used to follow “Afterworld” – however I’m not really sure whether it can be considered as a cartoon, coz the series are so damn serious and deep- just my type. Unlike the usual cartoon that depends so much on the action, Afterworld wasn’t so much of the action – in fact most of the time they used still photos – but the strength lies in voice talents as it was a narrative type of story. But I haven’t seen if for quite sometimes now, so dah lost track …

Pemantun Terbaik

"You make me laugh, you make my heart wound, But it feels good, when you are around"